Biomechanics, and its principles can be used to effectively diagnose the cause of an injury and then formulate the correct course of treatment. It may also be used in the prevention of injury and to enhance  sports performance.

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Routine Care

Routine care for painful, unsightly callous, (hard skin) and corns. These common skin complaints can be found on any location on the feet, usually the soles and toes -where these areas have been exposed to excessive pressure and friction.

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As your child grows, look for anything that strikes you as unusual and come to Active Life Podiatry if you see something worrying or your child is in pain. Deformities do not always correct themselves unaided.
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About Active Life Podiatry

At Active Life Podiatry we are specialists in looking after the health and performance of the lower leg and foot. We are professionally qualified, and have the expertise and experience to treat all kinds of foot and leg related conditions, malfunctions, running-related problems and other injuries.

We regularly treat of a variety of sports injuries for adults and also children’s feet and legs. We advise, on footwear and remedial exercises and treat  adult and infant foot diseases and congenital disorders.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to analyse the way you walk and run. This enables us to prescribe the right solution to problems of gait and posture. We also advise sportsmen and women on the best footwear and create tailor-made insoles (orthoses, orthotics) to maximise their performance.

We are members of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, the Health and Care Professions Council and we are recognised for our specialist expertise by the leading medical insurance companies.

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Society of Chiropodists Podiatrists
health professions council

Principal Podiatrist – John Durkin

John Durkin founded Active Life Podiatry, Fulham, in 1991. Over the ensuing years, he has developed a well-established practice in podiatry. He has gained an Masters Degree in the theory of Podiatric surgery. He is recognised leader in his field and is supported by a highly dedicated and qualified team. He and his team treat many sportsmen and women and he is particularly well known for treating international rugby players from Harlequins and London Wasps, and oversees a number of Olympic athletes.

He regularly lectures at meetings and seminars of other health care professionals.

John is married with four children and regularly runs, cycles and swims and encourages his children to enjoy an active healthy life style.

John Durkin

Satisfied Patients

Steve Dormer

“John’s knowledge of running biomechanics is second to none. The advice that he gave me not only made me run with greater efficiency but also allowed me to consistently over perform in terms of speed and time. Three sessions with John has transformed my running style and more importantly; it has made it fun again. I recommend John without any doubt or hesitation.”

Miriam Muscroft

“I took my 10 year old daughter to see John after she complained of significant pain when she walked.  My daughter was clearly  concerned but John put Ruby at her ease immediately.  He really listened and he clearly understood exactly what she was saying.  He gave her some very good advice and talked her through all the things she could do to help to improve her problem, including the right type of shoes and trainers to wear and easy exercises that she could do every day.  I left feeling relieved and within a couple of days, Ruby’s pain was already drastically reduced.  I would not hesitate to recommend John’s clinic to anyone who has concerns about their children.”