Orthoses are supports worn in shoes to improve foot function. More specifically they position the foot within a shoe so that, when walking or running, the functions between muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones are at their most efficient.

Creating orthoses is a specialist skill that starts with a diagnosis of the way you walk (gait). We have state-of-the-art equipment that visually records your gait from which we can arrive at the optimum solution.

We make temporary semi-bespoke orthoses in-house inexpensively and within a few days. They may be used to solve a transitory problem, such as recuperation after injury or a trial before a permanent orthosis is manufactured. We sometimes apply padding and tape to simulate an orthosis to find optimum functionality.

A specific prescription and plaster cast is sent to a laboratory where computer-aided design (CAD-CAM) is used to manufacture the exact specifications: the material, thickness, density and design to provide exactly the right support for a particular purpose. We use only the most reputable laboratories to manufacture our devices.

From our knowledge of sports footwear available on the market, we will suggest, and even supply, the correct shoes to go with your orthoses. A perfectly sound orthosis in the wrong shoe will provide poor control and deny any biomechanical improvement.

We have a number of famous sports men and women who come to us. Whilst they are perfectly fit, they ask our help in choosing exactly the right orthoses and footwear for their chosen sport to reduce the risk of injury and enhance their performance.

Due to popular demand we are now able to offer customisation of flip flops “Flopthotics”. If you use orthoses but need the same support/control in flip-flops we can help. A prescription can now be made for flip flops – exactly as your orthoses are -same support, same benefits. Call for more information.

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