Treatment of pain is fundamental

The treatment of pain is fundamental to every branch of medicine, podiatry included. It is a huge subject so, here, we just concentrate on the relief of pain in the lower leg and foot.

Relieving the pain is not just a matter of providing comfort for the patient, it is essential in preventing complications that could become disabling and chronic. Prolonged limping, for example due to a relatively minor foot injury, if ignored could develop into chronic back problems years later.

Ice packs

Effective for numbing pain and reducing inflammation that usually goes with it.

Anti-inflammatory gels and creams

which can be rubbed onto the inflamed area. Although the pharmaceutically questionable, anecdotal reports suggest they help.


There is a range of pills including Paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen.


Helpful for the treatment of pain in the following conditions:

  • Knee, lower leg, ankle and foot pains
  • Low back pain resulting from a variety of leg conditions
  • Sciatica which affects the lower leg and ankle
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Neuromas
  • Osteo-arthritis of the foot
  • Non-specific foot pain

Local anaesthetic

A local anaesthetic is administered by injection safely and reliably to numb a toe or the entire foot for diagnostic or invasive procedures.


Specially fitted insoles to balance the movement of walking and running which can bring relief to the whole leg all the way up to the lower back.


Mobilisations are an essential part of rehabilitation and treatment of ankle joints and especially the big toe (metatarsal-phalangeal) joint. An adequate range of movement, promoted by mobilisation, is vital for normal gait.

For pain management and recuperation, we also recommend physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment or Pilates when appropriate. We are happy to recommend a trusted practitioner near you.

Active Life Podiatry is licenced to supply oral antibiotics.

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