• Orthotics is the branch of medicine which deals with the provision and use of devices to correct or otherwise treat injuries and other problems relating to muscles, joints and bones.


  • Orthosis (plural orthoses) is used to refer to an orthotic device or devices.


  • Gait is used to refer to a pattern or sequence of foot movements such as walking, running or jumping.


  • As podiatrists, we focus on the foot and ankle and design custom made orthoses to correct or otherwise treat a patient’s defective gait. As part of that treatment, we use state of the art diagnostic equipment for gait analysis, and  biomechanical assessment which enables us to design and produce the ideal orthosis or orthoses (such as insoles or shoe inserts) to support the foot, realign the feet and to correct any imbalance or other defect in a walking or running pattern.


  • We have successfully treated many patients who previously suffered from conditions such as plantar fasciitis and heel pain, neuromas, pain associated with bunions, leg pain and runner’s knee.

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