In all cases where you wish to claim for treatment please ensure that you gain a pre-authorisation number from your insurance company and understand how much your policy excess could be by calling them before your appointment.

If you cannot give us these codes before treatment, then you shall pay the fees and claim back them later.

Please note that medical devices such as orthotics, and medication are generally not covered. Some international insurance firms may cover some of these costs.

You may require a GP/Consultant referral prior to attending.

In some cases, through your insurance company, you may be required to pay for your consultation and then claim back the fees.

If your insurance company, for whatever reason do not settle any fees/costs, you shall be responsible for payment.

Cigna copy

In most cases we can invoice your fees directly through Cigna. Please call on 01475 788463 or  members can login here: CIGNA Member login, or email:

Before your appointment   please call BUPA on 03456 090 111.  You can also speak to BUPA via live messaging by visiting For BUPA Global please go to

In most cases we can invoice your fees directly through WPA. Please call WPA on 0345 122 3100, or go to


To claim for treatment please call AVIVA on 0800 068 3827 or  members can login here: AVIVA Login.

Vitality 150

In some cases Vitality will  cover your podiatry fees. However,  you must to pay for your consultationon the day  and then claim back your fees. Please contact Vitality before starting any treatment at

AXA 150

AXA PPP do not cover Podiatry and Podiatrists in general are not covered with AXA PPP. However, if you previously had a Simply Health policy, (before AXA PPP) then you should be able to get cover.