Injection therapy, at Active Life Podiatry is twofold; 

1) intra articular or,

2)  intra muscular or soft tissue.

Intra articular injections are an effective tool in the management of osteoarthritic conditions of the foot and ankle.

Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the joint surfaces (cartilage), which can coincide with inflammation, and scarring within the joint capsule. All this may  be as a result of wear and tear due to poor footwear, biomechanics or a one off traumatic incident / injury.

Injection therapy may involve the injection of a corticosteroid, usually methyl prednisolone – this acts powerfully to reduce pain and inflammation.  During the procedure  the addition of local anaesthetic may be injected. This will offer pain relief after the injection and actively disperse the steroid and possibly increase its beneficial action. High volume injections of anaesthetic or saline can help break down capsular scarring and adhesions – facilitating improved quality and joint range of motion. Substances such as hyaluronidase,(Ostenil) may be injected to help reconstitute the synovial fluid to aid pain relief and improve quality and range of motion.

Injection Therapy may  also be used for many soft tissue complaints within the foot and ankle, such as planar fasciitis, plantar calcaneal bursitis, Mortons’ Neuroma, other neural impingements and muscle tension.

Injection Therapy may lead to side effects and should only be used as part an overall treatment strategy such as foot orthoses.

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