The human foot and ankle is a strong, complex and brilliant  mechanical structure comprising 26 bones, over 100 ligaments, 20 intrinsic (foot) muscles, and attachments for 12 extrinsic (leg) muscles.

Foot and Ankle Mobilisation Technique/s (FMT) is a manual or ‘hands on’ therapy, specifically developed to improve your foot and ankle function by targeting stiff, dysfunctional, stiff joints. It is suitable for conditions such as non-specific aching feet, arthritis, flat feet, high arched feet, bunions, stiff toes and ankle pain, and conditions such as cuboid syndrome.

When the joints in your foot become stiff due to injury, arthritis, or following surgery, their ability to move smoothly is reduced and the muscles, ligaments and tendons are forced to work harder, and these muscles and ligaments become unused and will eventually weaken.

Following your assessment, FMT targets the joints in the foot and ankle which are stiff, poorly aligned and painful, with the aim of improving their function, your biomechanics, and ultimately reducing pain.

Consider a stiff ankle; here the joint range of motion (dorsiflexion) should be around 10 -20 degrees. If this is reduced, then, as compensation other areas can be over worked and these sites can become painful.

Should you have surgical fixations (screws) in your feet or ankles, this must be discussed and assessed during your initial consultation; in such cases mobilisation will not work in these areas.

TMT can, and is often used in conjunction with our other advanced podiatric therapies (follow the links), such as orthoses,  injection therapy , low level laser therapy, and dry needling.

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