We specialise in helping sports men, women and children in two ways:

By analysing the way people use their legs and feet in their chosen sport, we can advise them on the best footwear. We have our own diagnostic methods that not only determine the best footwear but whether any additional orthoses can optimise individual performance. There are many fit and famous sportsmen and women who benefit from them.

In most sports, it is the legs and feet that bear the brunt of impact. Sports injuries can be brought about by accident, lack of fitness, insufficient training or warm up periods, muscle tears, stresses or heredity … there are many causes.

In most cases the problems are self-limiting in time but rest, patience, appropriate exercising and orthoses will accelerate recovery and rehabilitation. However, more serious problems can best be solved by coming to Active Life Podiatry. We have particular experience of many kinds of sports injuries and their remedies.

Sports Injuries and performance




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