One of the London’s most up-to-date centres

Active Life Podiatry is one of the London’s most progressive centres for the treatment of foot-related injuries and abnormalities.

Our podiatrists are fully qualified, have a minimum of 5 years experience and are registered with the Health & Care Professionals Council.

Subscribers to most of the medical insurance companies, including AVIVA, BUPA, WPA, Cigna, Prudential and Simply Health are covered for all or part of their podiatry treatment depending on the terms of their policies. Before seeking treatment, please ask your provider to sanction the treatment. The cost of foot/ankle orthoses will not be covered by the majority of Healthcare Insurers.

We provide:

Injection Therapy

For many painful musculo-skeletal conditions of the feet and ankles.
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Or dry needling for pain control and accelerated healing and relief of muscle tightness.
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Mobilisation techniques

Can improve motion within the foot reducing pain and improving performance.
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Laser Therapy

Low Level Laser is used in pain management, and can be used to treat MSK conditions and skin infections.
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Minor foot surgery

For in-growing and infected toe nails, nail thickening, corns, and verrucas.
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Routine care

Including nail cutting, removal of thick/calloused skin and corn from under the feet and around the heel and toes. During an appointment a general check for foot and lower leg conditions will be given.
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